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almondbury old

ALMONDBURY OLD is a traditional Old Ale, a style which has enjoyed a renaissance among the new breed of micro brewers. It is a rich tawny ale with a subtle roasted malt flavour and a distinct hop character in the style of the Old Ales' of fifty years ago, darker and richer than a Bitter but lighter and hoppier than a Brown Ale or Porter. This beer style has a wide appeal, especially with younger drinkers. Brews 40 pints.


Barley: 2-row, brewing quality
Hops: English Aroma Varieties
Colour EBC: 50 to 55
Bitterness (EBU): 35 to 40
Protein (N x 6.25): 4.0% to 6.5%
Acidity (as lactic): 1.0% maximum
pH: 5.0 to 5.5
Solids: 80% to 82%


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