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Brupaks Auxiliary Finings 


The use of Brupaks Auxiliary Finings gives an overall improved beer fining performance. Advantages may include:  

  • A reduction in the amount of isinglass finings required
  • Accelerated fining action
  • Improved polish on the final beer
  • Reduced susceptibility to non-biological chill hazes.  


A colourless stabilised, aqueous, colloidal solution based on an inorganic silicate sol.  

Method of Use  

The required addition of auxiliary finings may be made to each cask before filling with beer. Alternatively a bulk addition may be made to the FV at the end of fermentation and immediately prior to cask filling provided complete dispersion can be achieved.


IMPORTANT! Auxiliary finings must NOT be mixed with isinglass finings before addition to beer as this will nullify the fining ability of both materials. Each fining agent should be dispersed separately and fully into the beer.  


Dosage will vary dependent upon the nature of the beer. The grist composition, the efficiency of the copper finings, trub removal and the flocculation characteristics of the yeast are among the many variable factors that affect fining rates. Rates of ½ - 2 pints per barrel (175 – 700 ml per hectolitre, 75 – 275 ml per firkin) are common but trials are essential to establish the optimum fining regime.  


Brupaks Auxiliary Finings should be stored under cool, dry conditions (4°C – 15°C).

Under these conditions the product will have a minimum shelf life of 3 months. It is recommended that only sufficient product to last 3 months is purchased at one time.

Do not allow to freeze.