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beer sundries
general beer sundries
Brewers Caramel A natural colour adjuster to be added to finished beer.
Clarimalt Highly concentrated black malt malt extract for colour adjustment

Phosphoric Acid
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A relatively mild acid mainly used for yeast washing.

Brupaks Antifoam
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A highly effective silicone based antifoam emulsion developed specifically for the brewing industry to control foaming in the boiling and fermentation stages of brewing.
PGA Powder A specially prepared food grade propylene glycol alginate extracted from brown seaweed. Greatly improves foam production and retention in all beers .
yeast nutrient
A carefully formulated blend of soluble inorganic salts , vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Ensures a rapid and thorough fermentation.

water treatment

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom salts) Used to acidify mash liquor, usually in conjunction with gypsum.
Gypsum (calcium sulphate) Used to acidify mash liquor when brewing ales.

Burton Water Crystals
(calcium sulphate / magnesium sulphate)

Used to imitate the water found in Burton-On-Trent, particularly to brew heavily hopped pale ales.
Lactic Acid (80% Solution) Used to acidify mash liquor when brewing lagers. Also for adjusting pH of sparge water for all beers.
Calcium Chloride Flakes An alternative water treatment to gypsum. Promotes a softer palate in the finished beer
DLS (Dry Liquor Salts) A blend of chlorides and sulphates to acidify brewing liquor.
CRS (Carbonate Reducing Solution) A blend of acids to reduce carbonate levels in brewing liquor without the need for boiling.
Precipitated Chalk Rarely used in beer production. Raises pH of brewing liquor in dark beers.



Irish Moss
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Add to the boil 15 - 20 minutes from the end to aid coagulation of proteins
Protafloc Copper Finings
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A blend of seaweed extracts and activity adjusters. Use as Irish Moss.
Dried Isinglass
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The traditional finings for wine and beer. Can be added to the secondary fermenter or bottles. / kegs. Mix with water 24 hours before required.

Isinglass Paste
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Produces identical 'ready for use' isinglass but is much easier to mix than the dried variant.
Gelatine Slow but effective fining agent . Clears mechanically.
Polyclar Prevents chill haze by coagulating haze-forming proteins.

Brupaks Auxiliary Finings
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Kieselsol clearing agent used in conjunction with isinglass to produce star-bright beer.
fruit juice, peel / spices
Cherry Juice Very Highly concentrated. Ideal for Belgian Kriek.
Raspberry Juice Very Highly concentrated. Ideal for Belgian Frambozen..
Curacao Orange Peel Used in combination with coriander seeds to make Belgian Witbier.
Coriander Seeds Used in combination with Curacao orange peel to make Belgian Witbier.
Juniper Berries An interesting addition to speciality beers such as Christmas Ale and Belgian Kruidenbier.

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