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In order to brew a truly great beer, yeast selection is of prime importance. There's no point in gathering together the finest malts and hops and then using a yeast which is meant for baking bread to ferment the brew! Brewing and baking yeasts have totally different characteristics and some dried yeasts packaged for the home brew market would certainly be more at home in a bakery.

Brupaks offers only genuine brewing yeasts. Our dried ale yeast, although a genuine top fermenter, can be used to brew lagers provided fermentation is conducted between 10°C and 15°C. Temperatures above 15°C will result in ale characteristics such as esters manifesting themselves. Brewers wishing to produce authentic lagers should use one of the many Wyeast strains available.

Brupaks is the UK distributor for Wyeast liquid yeast cultures. These are supplied in special slap-pack foil pouches, which also contain nutrients separated from the yeast by an inner membrane. To activate the yeast, simply slap the package to rupture the membrane and knead to mix the contents. When the pouch has expanded the yeast is ready for pitching. Wyeasts can be re-pitched several times for consistency and economy. N.B. Liquid yeast must be kept refrigerated.

Dried Beer Yeast

Brupaks Genuine Real Ale Yeast. Suitable for all ale styles and some lagers. Ferments well at low temperatures (down to 10°C) and has a high alcohol tolerance (up to 12% a.b.v.)

Brewferm Ale Yeast. Suitable for all ales but particularly strong, dark or amber, Belgian types where fruity esters are appropriate. Ferments best between 18°C and 22°C. Attenuation high.

Brewferm Lager Yeast . A genuine bottom fermenting strain imported from Belgium .

Brewferm Wheat Yeast. Imported from Belgium, this yeast certainly brings the wheat flavour to the fore in both Belgian an German wheat beers. Desirable clove and banana phenolics will be in evidence when fermentation is conducted at 20° - 25°C.

Wyeast Liquid Cultures

Wyeast cultures are presented in special foil slap packs which contain nutrient and yeast separated by an inner membrane. In order to activate the yeast the inner membrane must be ruptured and the contents thoroughly mixed by kneading. When left in a warm place the yeast will grow and the pouch will expand. The pouch can then be opened and the yeast pitched.


#1007 German
#1028 London
#1056 American
#1084 Irish
#1098 British
#1214 Belgian Abbey
#1275 Thames Valley
#1318 London III
#1335 British II
#1388 Belgian Strong Ale
#1728 Scottish
#1968 Special London
#2565 Kölsch
#3056 Bavarian Wheat
#3068 Weihenstephan Wheat
#3787 Belgian Trappist
#3944 Belgian White Beer


#2007 Pilsen
#2112 Californian
#2124 Bohemian
#2206 Bavarian
#2278 Czech Pils
#2308 Munich

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