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Hydrometers for Home Brew

For checking sugar content of wine or beer. Wide and narrow versions available plus trial jar.


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Professional Hydrometers

Excise approved hydrometers with individual certificates of conformity available in the following specific gravity ranges: Calibrated at 20°C c

1.000 - 1.060. Graduations 0.001
1.050 - 1.100. Graduations 0.001
1.000 - 1.030. Graduations 0.0005
1.030 - 1.060. Graduations 0.0005
1.060 - 1.090. Graduations 0.0005




Refractometers are precision optical instruments that determine density on the basis of the refractive index of a liquid. Accurate yet simple to use: just place a few drops of liquid on the prism, and immediately read off the density.

Special inexpensive model for beer makers. Scale 0 - 18° Plato (1.000 - 1.072 S.G.). Automatic temperature correction.


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