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cornelius keg system

cornelius keg

Cornelius Kegs

Undoubtedly the best way to dispense home-brewed beer. These stainless steel tanks will withstand over 100 psi internal pressure, enabling you to force carbonate your beer. Available both new and reconditioned. Capacity 19 litres.

You will also need a CO² injection system and a dispensing tap.


flexi-tap and disconnect

Flexi-tap + 'Out' Disconnect

Simple to use dispensing tap for a Cornelius keg. Complete with disconnect and ready to go.


Cornelius Keg Accessories & Spares

The following items are currently available:

'In' and 'Out' disconnects, spare o rings for lid, 'in' and 'out' valve and dip tube.

polypins & bag-in-a-box


Cubitainer 'Polypin'

Excellent low-cost beer containers for 'real ales'. Heavy duty polythene cube with combined cap/dispensing tap contained in a strong cardboard box. Sizes available:

5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres



Bag-in-a Box

An excellent alternative to bottles for short term storage (up to 6 months) of wine. The inner bag collapses as wine is drawn of preventing ingress of air. Can be re-used many times. Sizes available:

5 litres, 10 litres

minikeg system


Minikeg Starter Kit

These laquered 5 litre steel kegs are ideal for transporting small quantities of beer to parties etc. Keg has a special re-usable rubber plug for fitting tap. Kit comprises of 3 minikegs, Beer King CO² dispensing tap, 10 CO² gas cartridges (16g).


beer king dispensing tap

Beer King Dispensing Tap

This handy tap simply pushes through the special rubber plug and fixes to the rim of the keg. One-way valve allows the tap to be moved from one keg to another with loss of CO². Takes 16g cartridges.


steel minikeg

Steel Minikeg 5 Litres

A very handy way to transport small quantities of beer. Reusable many times. Use with Beer King dispensing tap.


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