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filling & siphoning

bottle filling stick

Bottle Filling Stick

An inexpensive and indispensable piece of equipment. Start siphon , fill bottle, lift out filling stick and flow stops automatically. Move on to next bottle. Wonderful!


colley pump

Colley Pump Siphon

Very useful siphon with hand pump and one-way valve.


siphon with bellows

Siphon with Bellows

Large siphon for speedy transfer of liquid. Complete with tap, suction pump and conical bung (fits all demijohns).


blow action siphon

Blow Action Siphon

Large siphon for speedy transfer of liquid. Complete with tap, racking cane and special conical bung with blow-pipe to start siphon (fits all demijohns).


siphon clip

Siphon Clip

Extremely useful device that secures siphon tube or racking cane to almost any vessel.


plastic funnels

Plastic Funnels

Nicely made funnels with air-release groove and fine mesh filtering disc. Diameters available: 15cm, 21cm, 25cm, 30cm, 35cm.


universal connector

Universal Connector

Ingenious device for connecting tubing of different sizes (4mm - 18mm i.d.)


semi-automatic bottle filler

Semi-automatic Bottle Filler

Available in both 3 and 5 head versions. Has its own filling tank with level control valve. Fills by siphon action and automatically stops at the correct level. Capacity 200 bottles (500ml) per filling head


linear bottle filler

Linear Bottle Filler

Available in 2, 3, 4 and 6 head versions. Total stainless steel construction. Equipped with heavy industrial filling heads incorporating automatic and adjustable filling level. One-piece header tank without seams. Capacity 130 litres per hour per filling head. 3 and 6 head fillers also available with electric centrifugal pump and electronic level control in header tank.


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