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schmidling malt mill

The Schmidling Maltmill

High quality American made grain mill. 2 large pre-set rollers with special coarse structure for optimum grip on the grain. Self lubricating bronze bearings. Can easily be motorised. Lifetime guarantee for homebrew use!


grain mill cast iron

Grain Mill - Cast Iron

Budget grain mill with fine grinding adjustment. Hopper capacity 1kg. Throughput 2kg per minute (coarse ground).


professional malt mill

Professional Malt Mill

Ideal for microbreweries. Belt driven with ball bearings. Specially profiled rollers in hardened steel and fine adjustment gives a quality crush every time. Can even mill moistened grain to reduce dust.

Capacity 200kgs per hour. Motor 1.5kW / 380V (requires 3-phase supply)

Accessories available: hopper 50kg, stand 72cm, sackholder and buckle.

Beer tastes better when brewed from freshly milled malt!


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