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Brupaks Iodophor 


Brupaks Iodophor is intended for final cleaning and sterilising of fermenting vessels and tanks.  


Brupaks Iodophor is a powerful acid based liquid iodophor formulation containing wetting agents to increase penetration, removal and suspension of soils. The acidic constituents remove scale, increase bactericidal and virucidal efficiency of the iodophor and provide chemical cleaning power.  

Methods of Use  

Brupaks Iodophor is designed for use in warm water – about 40°C is recommended. Do not use above 50°C! Solutions should be prepared by carefully adding the iodophor to the volume of water required.


A solution containing 10 ml of iodophor per 4 litres of water should be sprayed onto the surfaces after normal detergent cleaning to sterilise and left to soak for 10 minutes. The vessel should then be thoroughly rinsed. If vessels are to be left empty for any length of time we recommend the use of the terminal sterilant, Peracetic Acid, immediately before use.


Storage and handling


Store in a cool place, preferably below 15°C, out of direct sunlight and away from incompatible materials, which include caustic cleaners and materials containing hypochlorites. Do not mix with other chemicals!


This product is corrosive and should be handled using appropriate safety equipment. Gloves, overalls and eye/face protection should be worn.


Refer to the Health & Safety Data Sheet before use.