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Brupaks Isinglass Paste 


The prime function if isinglass finings is to remove yeast cells from suspension after fermentation. Being densely positively charged, the collagen molecule rapidly attracts negatively charged yeast cells to form aggregates that are too large to remain in suspension and that, therefore, precipitate from the beer. Furthermore, many protein molecules have negative sites and are also precipitated by isinglass finings.  


Brupaks Isinglass Paste is a readily soluble form of isinglass designed to achieve clarification of cask beers.  

Method of Use  

1kg of paste (plus 100g of citric acid) will make 28 litres of ready for use finings.  

  • Equipment required: a mixing tank with either an impeller type agitator or a high shear mixer. For small quantities a large food mixer or a hand held blender can be used.
  • Put half the required quantity of water into the mixing tank. The temperature should be in the range 12°C – 16°C.
  • Start agitating and add the required amount of isinglass paste. Allow to mix until the paste has dispersed (10 – 30 minutes).
  • Add the required amount of citric acid and continue mixing until all the isnglass paste has dissolved. This can take from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on the type of mixer used.
  • Top up to the final volume with water and mix for another 15 minutes. The solution is now ready to use and should be stored below 20°C .  


Dosage can vary considerably dependent upon man factors including grist composition, wort gravity, pH and seasonal variation in brewing materials. Typical rates of addition when using isinglass alone are within the range 1 – 3 litres per barrel (850ml – 2 litres per hectolitre). The use of Brupaks Auxiliary Finings may halve the required dose. The brewer should assess by trials the additions required to optimise performance and costs. Care should be taken to ensure that a beer is not over-fined, since this generally leads to a loss of polish and excessive bottoms in the cask.  


Brupaks Isinglass Paste should be stored under cool, dry conditions in tightly sealed containers at room temperature. Under these conditions it can be stored for 6 months without loss of performance. Ready for use isinglass can be stored for up to 4 weeks at between 5°C – 15°C.