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Brupaks Liquor Treatments




That water composition plays an important role in the quality of a beer is demonstrated by the historical grouping of breweries in certain geographical areas, which became famous for particular beer styles. The world renowned pale ales of Burton, the lagers of Pilsen and the stouts of Dublin are good examples of this.


With the advances of science it is no longer necessary to depend on the indigenous water quality of an area since most water can now be treated to simulate those of the traditional centres of brewing.




Brupaks offers the brewer a complete range of liquor treatments:


Dry Liquor Salts (DLS). A blend of crystalline powders formulated to lower the ph and increase the mineral content (in particular calcium) of brewing liquor. Suitable for use with most water types and beer styles.


Carbonate Reducing Solution (CRS). A blend of inorganic acids that help reduce the level of alkalinity (carbonate) without the need to boil the liquor.  


To customers who need only straight additions of salts, or who prefer to formulate their own treatments, we offer a range of brewers salts and acids including:


Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum). For simple calcium additions – Bitters and Pale Ales.


Calcium Chloride Flakes. Forsimple calcium additions – Dark beers and Lagers.


Lactic Acid. For lowering pH of the mash and sparge water.



Method of Use


Please see our separate Water Treatment information sheet