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precision vinometer

Precision Vinometer

Decorative grape design. For simple and quick determination of the alcohol content of finished wines. A few drops are sufficient. Not suitable for sweet aperitifs. Scale : 4 - 15° vol.%. Prismatic capillary with blue background. Scale : 4 - 15° vol.%. Easy to read, even with white wines. Accurate to 0.5° vol.%


basic vinometer

Basic Vinometer

Only for very rough alcohol measurement. Scale 0 - 25° vol.%. Accurate to 2° vol.%


alcohol tester


For very accurate determination of alcohol content of all drinks. Works by means of distillation. Can be use on both electric and gas hobs. Distillation proceeds automatically and does not need constant watching. Kit is supplied complete with the exception of the alcoholmeter, a range of which are available separately.


acid testing kit

Acid Testing Kit

For determining the acid content of wine in three easy steps. Measure out wine, add blue indicator until wine turns blue, read the acidity level directly.


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