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pH measurement

pH test strips

pH Test Trips

For checking pH of beer, wine and kombucha. With built-in colour scale. Packed per 20 strips. Available in 3 variants:

pH 2.8 - 4.6 (kombucha)
pH 3.8 - 5.5 (wine)
pH 5.2 - 6.8 (beer)


digital pH meter

Digital pH Meter

A handy pocket sized pH meter in a waterproof housing. Easily readable display. Replaceable electrode. Simple calibration by means of buffer solutions (available separately).


digital pH meter precision

Digital pH Meter Precision Model

Very precise state of the art digital pH meter for professional use. Built-in thermometer, automatic temperature correction, easy calibration, refillable electrode for longer life. Accuracy +- 0.01 pH, +- 1°C


pH buffer solutions

Buffer Solutions

For regular calibration of pH meters. Set of 2 solutions: pH 4.01 and pH 7.01.


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