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Brupaks Stayclean 


Brupaks Stayclean is extremely effective for the sterilisation of pre-cleaned brewery equipment and vessels. Kills all bacteria normally found in brewing equipment and wild yeasts. 


Brupaks Stayclean is supplied as a liquid based on cationic surface-active quaternary ammonium compounds. It is well suited for use in the food industry being of low corrosive character, almost odourless and possessing a good rinsability. 

Methods of Use 

Brupaks Stayclean can be used for spraying or as a soak bath. A solution of 3 – 6 mls per litre should be used. When used as a spray, cover all foodstuffs to prevent contamination from spray droplets. Vessels sterilised in this manner can be left until required, when they should be hosed thoroughly with water before use. Equipment can be left in soak for up to 6 weeks and rinsed thoroughly with water before use.


Storage and handling


The product is supplied in plastic bottles and jerricans. Ensure the lid is screwed tight when not in use.




Stayclean exhibits a degree of degreasing activity, so it is advisable to wear rubber gloves to prevent contact with the skin. When used as a spray, a light mask should be worn to avoid inhalation of droplets.