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Bruclean Cleaner/Steriliser
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A highly effective cleaning agent used by numerous commercial breweries. It is suitable for use on all brewing vessels and utensils and will remove even the most stubborn deposits; it can be used either hot or cold.
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Keeps all pre-cleaned vessels and utensils bacteria free for up to 6 weeks. Ideal for soaking airlocks, funnels, siphons etc. or can be sprayed onto the inner surfaces of brewing vessels.
Chemipro OXI
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Cleans and sterilises with oxygen all lightly soiled brewing vessels and equipment. Items treated do not need rinsing. Simply leave to drain. Heavily soiled items should be cleaned with Bruclean.

Antiformin S
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Antiformin ‘S’ is probably the most universally used and effective branded detergent steriliser in the brewing industry. It is uniquely formulated to give a stable, powerful combined cleaning and sterilising action that is readily rinsable. Supplied in liquid form.
A powerful acid based liquid iodophor formulation containing wetting agents to increase penetration, removal and suspension of soils. The acidic constituents remove scale, increase bactericidal and virucidal efficiency of the iodophor and provide chemical cleaning power
Bottle & Barrel Cleaner
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A very effective cleaner which should be used to remove stubborn deposits such as those found in unwashed beer bottles and kegs. Unsurpassed in removing old labels from bottles.

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