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glass laboratory thermometer

Glass Laboratory Thermometer

Classic model. Length 30cm. Contains easy to read green alcohol.


lcd thermometer strip deluxe

LCD Thermometer Strip

Self-adhesive thermometer for continuous temperature display. Simply attach to the side of your fermenter. Temperature range 0-32°C


digital thermometer with probe and alarm

Digital Thermometer with Probe and Alarm

High quality thermometer with separate stainless steel probe. Temperature range -50 to +300°C. Division 0.1°C. High and low alarm and min/max memory.


mash thermometer

Mash Thermometer

Large thermometer with a plastic protective cover. Easy to dismantle for cleaning. Red alcohol scale for easy temperature reading.


minimum-maximum thermometer

Minimum/Maximum Thermometer

Displays the actual temperature plus the highest and lowest teached temperature


digital thermometer - pen type

Pocket Digital Thermometer - Pen Type

Budget model. Waterproof. Long stainless steel probe. Plastic protective cover.


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