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brewing vessels

plastic fermenter - heavy duty

Plastic Fermenter

Purpose built fermenting vessels of special food-grade plastic. Ideal for beer and wine. Complete with hermetically sealing lid with locking ring, large airlock suitable for primary fermentation and drainage tap.

30 Litres: height 36cm, diameter 40cm
60 Litres
: height 61cm, diameter 40cm
120 Litres
: height 78cm, diameter 50cm
210 Litres
: height 97cm, diameter 56cm


bucket polypropylene

Bucket & Lid Polypropylene

All-purpose bucket and lid in food-grade polypropylenewith moulded handles and specially reinforced upper rim. Suitable for hot liquids (up to 100°). Capacity 30 litres.


bucket hdpe

Bucket & Lid LDPE

Heavy duty bucket and lid in low density polyethylene (max temperature 40°C). Extra strong moulded handles make this an ideal pulp tub. Capacity 50 litres


plastic fermenter rectangular

Plastic Fermentation Tank Rectangular

Professional quality fermentation tanks made from HDPE in a space-saving rectangular shape. Wide opening with a screw cap. Complete with airlock

60 Litres: length 55.5cm, width 35cm, height 50cm
100 Litres
: length 65cm, width 41cm, height 58cm
200 Litres: length 85cm, width 50cm, height 73cm
300 Litres
: length 87cm, width 60cm, height 79cm
500 Litres
: length 100cm, width 70cm, height 98cm


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