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Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

Antioxidant. Helps prevent oxidation of wine and beer.

Mixed Acid

A combination of citric, malic and tartaric acids in the correct proportions for the perfect wine.

Citric Acid

To increase acidity in wine or must.

Malic Acid

To increase acidity in wine or must.

Tartaric Acid

To increase acidity in wine or must.


Used in wines with high levels of pectin. Destroys pectin, thus increasing the amount of free-flowing juice.

Rohament P

A special multi-active enzyme for more aromatic wines. Releases aromatic components bound to sugars present in the must.

Alpha Amylase

Destroys starch and thus prevents starchy wines from becoming cloudy.

Deacidifier FBN

Compound deacidifier based on calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate and potassium tartrate. Reduces acidity in a balanced way.

Deacidifier FIW

The best deacidifier for grape wines. Precipitates tartaric acid only.

Precipitated Chalk

Extra pure calcium carbonate. The most commoc deacidifier . Can also precipitate oxalic acid in rhubarb.

Klarvit Universal Wine Finings

Dual action (kieselsol and gelatine). Clears wine in 6 - 24 hours creating a sold sediment.


Special quality American bentonite granulated . Very high absorbing capacity.

Stabilisers and Sterilisers
Sodium Metabisulphite

Low-cost steriliser. Uses sulphur dioxide gas to disinfect. Not recommended for use on metal vessels.

Potassium Metabisulphite

Multi-purpose product, far superior to sodium metabisulphate. Used to prevent oxidation of wine and beer, kill wild yeasts on fruit, stop fermentation, remove chlorine from water and disinfect vessels and equipment (where it should always be used in conunction with an acd, e.g. citric acid).

Potassium Sorbate

Used to stabilise wine and prevent further fermentation. Easy to dissolve. Always use with equal parts of potassium metabisulphite.

Oenological Oil

Forms a protective barrier against infection and oxidation by 100ml floating on the wine. Will not mix.

Anti-Mould Tablets

Floating. For sterilising the air above the wine.

Wine Improvers
Tannin Rouge Powder

Obtained from the sweet chestnut tree, this tannin is used mainly in red wines. It enhances bouquet and has a stabilising effect on anthocyans (red pigments).

Tannin Blanc Powder

Tannin compound particularly suited to white wines. Greatly enhances bouquet and has a slight fining action. A highly effective antioxidant.


IIncreases viscosity and sweetness in both wine and beer. Vegetable derived.


Natural oak extract of very higfh quality originating from the French limousin. Gives the same effect in a few days as storing in oak barrels for several years!

Oak Chips French
(heavy or medium toast)

Controlled, guaranteed quality. Gives 'oaked' character to red or white wines. Contact time: a few days to a few months.


Natural colouring dervied from grape skins. Use in wines lacking in colour.

Granucol FA

Granulated active vegetable carbon for wine. Removes brownish colour (oxidation) but leaves flavour intact.

Granucol GE

Granulated active vegetable carbon for wine. Removes off-flavours and odours (e.g.mould) but leaves colour intact.

Malo-lactic Culture

Used for a controlled malo-lactic fermentation. Contains a high concentration of Leuconostic Oenos bacteria which converts any malic acid present into tartaric acid, thus reducing acidity and improving stability of the wine.


For final sweetening of wine. Non-fermentable. Available as both powder and liquid.


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