Grains and Malts

The basic ingredient of all beer is malt!

But what is malt?

In brewing terms ‘malt’ can be taken to mean ‘malted barley’ although there are a few other grains which can be malted. It is malt that gives a beer its basic flavour and determines its eventual alcohol content.

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Hops are the salt & pepper of brewing!!

What are hops?

For hundreds of years hops have been used as the 'seasoning' in beer. Originally a wild-growing weed, the hop, a member of the cannabis family, is now intensively cultivated. Its inherent poor resistance to disease and its low tolerance of adverse weather conditions have led to the development of many new varieties bred to combat disease whilst retaining flavour and bittering power.

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A Brewer's Favourite Bacteria!

In order to brew a truly great beer, yeast selection is of prime importance. There's no point in gathering together the finest malts and hops and then using a yeast which is meant for baking bread to ferment the brew!

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Other Brewing Ingredients

There's more??

Yes, there is more to the brewing of top quality beer. So you've got your grains, your hops and your water. What else is needed? Well depending on the flavour, the colour there is so much more than can be added to really take your beer to the next step. 

Malt Extract

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